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Here’s the top questions we’re asked about SCALE.

What is SCALE?

SCALE is a system that I have developed and perfected over the past 8 years consulting and coaching restaurants around the world. The system is designed to break down every aspect of operating your restaurant more profitably into specific and actionable tasks. For example, marketing can be a big undertaking. But in SCALE, we break it down into 9 steps and tell you the exact order to do these 9 steps with examples along the way. 

What is covered in SCALE?

We will cover so much in SCALE, it’s hard to list it all here. Instead, please review this page in detail where we break down each module:

That being said, the three main topics covered are: Operations, Marketing and Profits.  We call this the ABC of Restaurant Operations.

 The SCALE program will teach you how to:

  • Activate Raving Fans
  • Build a Marketing Machine
  • Cultivate a Profitable Culture

We also cover topics like Controlling your Financials, Restaurant Specific Leadership and Management Techniques, How to own your restaurant and still enjoy the Freedom you desire, and, of course, How to Create Value so you can Easily Attract Investors to grow or one day sell your restaurant for a massive profit.

Who is SCALE for?

SCALE is designed for highly motivated managers, future owners, or current owners. It does not matter what type of restaurant you own or how many units you currently have. If you have 1 unit and want to open your second, SCALE will help. If you have 2 or 3 units and operations is getting a bit overwhelming, SCALE will help. If you have 10 units are looking to take on an investments to help you grow to 20 or 30 SCALE will help. 

Me and my team have worked with all of those examples, and more! They all shared the same desired results: improved operations and increased profits.

Is this right for me?

The answer is yes this is right for you, if you are looking for a proven system to help you operate restaurants. 

It is easier for me to tell you who SCALE is not for…

If you are lazy, looking for instant fixes, want to complain about everything and live in the past, then SCALE is not for you. If you think that treating employees like crap, yelling at your staff and just generally being a jerk is a great way to do business, SCALE is not for you. 

I think you are getting the point. SCALE is not an overnight success system. Let’s be honest, those are not real. SCALE is about taking what you have now and making it AMAZING!

What if we don’t own a restaurant yet?

No problem! Learning the SCALE system before you serve your first guest, hire your first team member, or fully develop your concept will be a huge advantage for you.

Nothing makes me more sad than getting on the phone with a client who needs help, but in order to help them, they basically need to start over. I have done this with clients, very successfully, but it is a huge risk for people and I can’t blame them. However, the reality is that certain concepts, locations, menus, designs, etc. are just not built right. They will struggle, if not fail, regardless of the hard work you put it. You know the old adage: square pegs don’t fit in round holes!  

Let’s design it the right way, from the beginning, together!

What if I can’t afford this right now?

I understand that SCALE is a serious financial investment. But, that is exactly what it is – an investment. If you can’t afford SCALE that means your business is struggling and I understand how hard it is to make decisions like paying your bills, your employees, and your vendors versus investing in a training program. However, if you don’t make changes what will change?  Will you increase sales by 20% next week without making serious changes? Will your staff start showing up on time, cleaning up their mess, and doing their job if you don’t make changes? Will your online reviews improve if you don’t make changes?

I made investments in training programs like this early in my career and they have made all the difference for me, which is why I call them investments. The money you invest ON TRAINING today will pay you back multiple times over the next months, years, and lifetime.

In addition, I believe this is a tiny investment compared to the amazing results we have had with operators using our system! You can learn more about them here:

Not to mention that we also offer a payment plan.

We believe that if you implement the training from your first lesson “Fastest Path to Cash,” you will make your money back before your credit card payment is due.

Why should I trust you?

You don’t have to trust me, you can listen to what other users have to say:

Also, we offer a 30-Day Show Your Work Guarantee. If you do the work and don’t believe the training is worth it for any reason, just reach out to us and we will refund you.

What if the program doesn’t work?

The program will only work if you do the work. I am an honest person and I teach honest, proven solutions. So in the interest of honesty, if you do the work, we are 100% confident you will get results. But, if you don’t do the work, you won’t succeed. We have proven over and over again for the past 8 years that the SCALE program works. The question is, will you work the program?

Can I get my money back?

We offer a 30-Day Show Your Work Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love SCALE, simply email us (within 30 days of purchase) with the documentation that you did all of the assignments and work and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked! 

What if we are not in the United States?

That is fantastic, we have seen some of our best results internationally.  I am a simple person and I believe in simple solutions, even when the problem seems complex. The systems I will teach you in SCALE are based on human behavior, regardless of culture. I have listened to owners tell me my systems won’t work because their employees are different. They say things are different in India, Kuwait, Germany, Australia, the UK, Canada, South America, Texas, California, Small towns, Big towns, etc…  Well, in each case, I have proven them wrong. The systems we teach have been implemented all over the world and work the same all over the world.

I want SCALE but my owner will never go for it!

I understand and appreciate that you want to learn these systems, but don’t want to pay for the program yourself. In some cases, managers have listened to their employees and they write to me later letting me know it was worth it. In other cases, managers and employees have introduced me to their owners and allowed me to help them decide to make the investment.

If you have any owner that you think would not make the investment in a training like this for you, I would first ask that you honestly tell them you want to help make their restaurant more money, and then watch the video found on this page with them.

If they still are not willing, introduce them to me via email and I will have a quick chat with them

What types of Restaurants is SCALE designed for?

SCALE was not designed for just one type of restaurant; it was designed to help all restaurants.  I have trained fine dining to fast food, food trucks to pizza-by-the-slice, burger joints to doughnut shops, 500 sq. ft train station stalls to 8,000 sq. ft multi-level facilities with night clubs. 

If you offer guests food, have employees, and want to improve your operations and profits, please consider SCALE.

Who uses SCALE?

People just like you! Please visit this page for testimonials:

If I register with the two payment option do I get instant access!

YES of course you get instant access.  Our goal to make sure that you are so over the moon excited about what you have learned that you will be logging into SCALE over and over and over again over the next couple of years.  So if you can’t spring for the full amount in one payment (keep in mind you will save $97) you can still get access to the full course right away.  WE TRSUT YOU.

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