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The most complete restaurant-specific training available anywhere in the world, and it’s all online.

How to manage systems and develop people

How to attract a flood of customers

How to simplify your operations and exceed your guests expectations

How to dramatically increase sales and lower expenses for big profits

How to SCALE your restaurant business

So, Here is How This All Works…

If you own, operate, or plan on opening a restaurant and you want to grow, then SCALE is perfect for you.

The SCALE online training program is the exact same strategies and processes that I teach my private clients all over the world. BUT, instead of spending thousands of dollars and committing to a year of working with me, you instantly get all of the strategies and can go through the course at your own pace.


Restaurant Owners

Restaurant Operators

Single-Unit Owner/Operators

Multi-Unit Owner/Operators

Future Operators Developing a Concept Right Now

Why can I say that so confidently?

Because for 20 years I have been a chef and operator of multiple different concepts from 5-Star Hotel Restaurants to Greasy Spoon Burger Joints and Pizza-by-the-Slice Mall locations. I’ve worked with over 10,000 owners, operators, and managers who represent every kind and size of restaurant you can imagine, and in countries you can’t imagine. Together, we have taken restaurants from concept to sellout grand openings, lowered prime costs by 10% (or more), seen sales soar by as much as 20% consistently, given owners/operators their life back and helped them find renewed energy, more focus, and clear plans and goals!

What I have learned from all this…

The rules are the same for Restaurant, Staff, Customers, and People, regardless of location, size or concept. I have tested my system on the smallest QSR and largest Fine Dining, multi-units, and single units. I promise the process works, if you work the process.

What is The Process…

Success leaves clues and so does Stress, Struggle, and Overwhelm. SCALE is a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly what other successful restaurants have done, and exactly how to do it yourself. Not because I “think” or I am “pretty sure” it works, but because I have SEEN it work, over and over and over again!

The system is comprised of three main PROJECTS:




We will help you create your exact, Plan, Processes and Procedures!

Step-by-Step, customized for your restaurant!

When your Map comes together, it will look like this!

Restaurant Mastery Matrix

and when you are done…
The SYSTEM Manages your People and you manage the system!

It’s like having the best manager on earth, working for you 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, and never needing to take a break!

This is how single units grow to 5 units.
This is how 5 units grow to 25 units.
This is how 25 units grow to 100.

Rinse and Repeat, Follow the System!

Ryan’s knowledge, systems and know-how is completely unrivaled and his coaching has given my business so much clarity. The money I have spent on an education with him has added immeasurable value to my business. If you are on the fence, don’t be! Jump right now. Because of Ryan, everything, including my employee training, is so systematized now, that I have a professional and highly profitable operation!

Warren Kidd

Owner, Cinder Bar

If you are facing one (or more) of the

following challenges…

You are spending too much time doing the same things over and over again!

You are stressed about your staff!

You can’t find staff!

You are always looking for new ways to get more customers!

You have tried different marketing strategies but not really sure if it worked!

You are unsure how to increase profits!

You are unsure what your profits should be!

You are unsure if you are even profitable!

You are looking for growth capital!

You know the restaurant business is hard, but come on, it should not be this hard!

You have not installed the right systems!


2 easy monthly payments


One time payment (Save $97)

Meet Your Coach

Ryan Gromfin

Ryan Gromfin

Author, Speaker, Chef, Restauranteur and founder of The Restaurant Boss and clickBACON!

Through TheRestaurantBoss.com and ClickBacon.com, Ryan has been able to assist thousands of Restaurant Owners and Operators all over the world (except Antarctica, are there even restaurants in Antarctica?) turn their businesses into profitable operations!

Ryan’s culinary journey began as a teenager. While other kids were watching Nickelodeon, he was watching the Food Network (okay, he watched Nickelodeon too). The great chefs and TV personalities sparked a deep love in Ryan for all things food and restaurant. His first jobs were at luxury country clubs and hotels before he could even drive himself to work.

After receiving top honors from Johnson & Wales University in Culinary Arts, Ryan continued his work in 5-Star Hotels. How he got from there to here is a long story to be told over a beer, but the short version is that while operating 4 restaurants, other owners took note of his success and started to reach out and seek his advice.

That was then, this is now!

As The Restaurant Boss, Ryan is the most followed restaurant coach anywhere in the world. He helps Restaurant Owners and Operators SCALE and grow their Business.

As an independent operator, SCALE might mean a little more in profit so you can go on vacation with your family next year, or SCALE might mean improved operations so you can take more time off.

If you are doing well and want to open more units, then SCALE might mean growing from 1 to 5 units or 5 to 20 units.

Whatever YOUR goals, the Restaurant Boss is here to help.

Here is what you get!

If you want to Grow your Restaurant Business then this is the course for you…

51 Video Lessons, all led by Ryan Gromfin

$1,997 value

72 Page Workbook

$97 value

Your Menu Personally Reviewed by Ryan Gromfin

$397 value

Lifetime Access to Ryan’s “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Group

$997 value

Total Value: $3,488


2 easy monthly payments


One time payment (Save $97)

Now, Let me sweeten the deal!

100% FREE with My Video Course

Final Roadmap Review

$397 value

The Most Profitable Restaurant in Town (video training course)

$97 value

Interview with former CEO of a Billion $ Restaurant Chain

$97 value

Interview with another former CEO of a Billion $ Restaurant Chain

$97 value

How to work with your Spouse, Partners and Friends (interview with my personal business coach)

$97 value

How to use Instagram for your Restaurant (interview with world’s leading Instagram coach)

$97 value

Facebook Advertising Strategy (from my personal FB Ad Guy)

$397 value

Negotiating the best Pricing from your Vendors (video training)

$297 value

Easy Email and Text Messaging Follow Plan (video training)

$297 value

Own the Internet with a 5 Star Reputation (video training)

$397 value

Interview with a client who implement these systems and then opened 3 multi-million dollar locations in 2 years. (video training)

Priceless!  Seriously, how do you put a value on this?! It changed her life in ways you can’t imagine and hearing her story will do the same for you!

Total BONUS Value: $2,270

First Year our growth was 10%, next year 20% on top of that and the year after another 20% more.This year is up another 12%. All thanks to Ryan and the SCALE system.

Alex Alb

Partner, Gabriel's Fountain

Once we started using SCALE, we had operations and procedures in place. Everybody is now accountable for their work, it’s black and white. I was able to take a month off for my wedding and honeymoon, everything ran as usual. That is unheard off in this business.

Darryl Dueltgen

Owner, Pizza Love

If you want to Grow your Restaurant Business

then this is the course for you…


2 easy monthly payments


One time payment (Save $97)

Tight on budget? I get it…

Make Your Money Back Right Away!

I have designed the entire first module to do ONE thing…

Put Cash in Your Pocket, QUICKLY!!

I call it Fastest Path to Cash and it includes a playbook filled with 22 strategies and training on each one of those strategies so you can increase your sales INSTANTLY!

I hold nothing back…

I am going to show you the exact changes to make to your menu, cashier, server, bar tender, and host scripts that will increase your per person average, by a lot!

These are the exact strategies I teach my personal clients paying me as much as $997 per month!

These are the exact strategies I used to pull my struggling restaurants out of the gutter (I will tell you more about how I did this in the course)!

100 Hamburger

For the Table

Smaller is Better

Pairing is Caring

Lift is Short

Pricey Pizza

Perfect Bite

Combo Price Cut


No Dollars

Hide and Go Seek

Bold is Bad

Nickel & Dimes

Sharing in Caring

Attention Grabber

Farm to Bulls%$#

Simple Selling

One for you, One for me

The Cruise Ship Sale

Hi Friend,

My name is Ryan Gromfin and thank you for this amazing opportunity to share my system with you. I have been in the restaurant industry since I was 15 years old. (I am not telling you my age, but let’s say it’s been a while!) I was so young when I started that I could not even drive to my first job. My mom had to drop me off for my shifts at the exclusive country club where I worked in the prep kitchen. Can you imagine how much the other cooks enjoyed making fun of me??!!

From those early days until now, I have opened 4 restaurants within a partnership that I was part of, opened dozens of restaurants with clients, and coached 1,000s of owners in every country you can imagine.

I have learned so much from working with them and seeing what works in all different types of concepts and markets. I would have to be fool not to see the patterns. I am student first and a teacher second. I learn, then test; learn, then test; learn, then test. For the past 10 years, I have been coaching and working with clients in the restaurant business. This experience has led me to develop proven systems for every aspect of restaurant operations!

These are the EXACT systems that I use with my One-on-One clients. Using these systems, I helped grow restaurant sales by more than 20% per year for 4+ years in a row, helped single-units grow to 3 units in less than 2 years, and helped multi-units grow to 10, 11 and 12 units.

It has worked for them…it will work for you!

Please allow me to coach you through your growth. The only difference between DIY growth and doing it with somebody’s help is that I know what works and I know what doesn’t. I can dramatically speed the process up for you and help you eliminate costly mistakes.

Why waste time and money making your own mistakes instead of increasing your sales, building a solid brand, and opening more units (or your first unit) using my proven strategies?

The decision is yours and yours alone. Just remember this, while you are thinking to yourself that I might be scamming you or ripping you off, know that every great athlete in the world has a coach – even the best actors, musicians, dancers and leaders have coaches. And yes, the best business men and women have coaches.

Why don’t you?!

To higher profits,



Let me break it down for you, step-by-step, and show you exactly what’s waiting inside SCALE once you become a Member…

Each module in SCALE contains multiple short videos, exercises, templates, and worksheets specifically designed to help you SCALE and Grow your Restaurant (it’s not simply training, it’s a process that’ll set you apart)!


Your Fastest Path to Cash

We’ll start out by laying a foundation that ensures you are making as much money as possible in your current operation.

Before we can start improving your operations, your profits, and your marketing, we need to ensure that you are maximizing your top line.

In Module 1, you will learn 22 techniques that you can implement immediately to provide increased cash flow, pay for your new training program before your credit card bill arrives, and give you some additional resources to help you through the growth.

Inside Module 1, You’ll Discover:

How to INCREASE Revenue without spending a dime on marketing.

IDENTIFY the Key Roadblocks that are keeping you from having the sales you know you deserve.

DEVELOP a Transition Plan to navigate from where you currently are to where you’re going to go!


Then once you have the top line revenue and a plan, we’ll move on to…


Restaurant Financial Mastery

All successful business, regardless of the industry, must be able to control their financials.

This will quickly move from your weakness to your unfair advantage!

In this Module, I walk you through a very simple process for controlling your Food, Beverage, and Labor costs by simply focusing on 6 metrics. While other companies and consultants make money over complicating restaurant financials, I will teach you a very quick system that will shock you in its simplicity and power over your profits!

If you can keep more of the money that you have worked so hard to earn, the business becomes substantially easier and much more fun. After all, isn’t that why we are in business for ourselves, to make more money!

Inside Module 2, You’ll Discover:

WHAT the 6 most important metrics are to measure daily.

IDENTIFY exactly where to find them in your POS, Purchases, Online Ordering, and Labor Apps.

HOW to act on this data and what it all means to your profits.


Then once you have learned to hit your target Food, Beverage, and Labor costs each month, we will move on to…


Manage Systems and Develop People

This is the CORE of everything you’re going to do because you can’t do this alone…but you also can’t with team you have now.

Please don’t be shocked by this, but at the root of your management style is a fundamental flaw!

People don’t want to managed. Do you like to me managed?  Do you like to be told what to do all the time and then be constantly reminded every time you do something wrong?

Sure you can justify your answers with the common thought of ‘that is what I am paying my staff for,’ but it’s time to get real and implement techniques that actually work.

I will teach you extensively on how to manage systems and develop your people. These systems are black and white, right or wrong, and show no favoritism. These systems will run your restaurant how you want it to be run. And your staff will be excited about working in a restaurant that rewards them for doing their jobs!

Inside Module 3, You’ll Discover:

The 5-step training program that sets up all of your employee for success.

The 8-step program used to develop your employees so you can more easily promote from within.

The EXACT 9-point checklist that every restaurant needs with examples and step-by-step instructions for how to build them “so they work.”


Then once you have learned to manage systems instead of people, we’ll move on to…


How to Activate Raving Fan Guests

OOOHHH I love this part…when you properly operate your restaurant you will easily and effortlessly turn guests into RAVING FANS!

And raving fans will do the hardest marketing work for you with pleasure!

The process will ensure your guests are not just having a good, or even great experience, but that their expectations are exceeded. We want them to leave with a burning desire to tell others about the amazing experience they just had.

Note: this is NOT just for you fine dining restaurants! This works from anything from fast food & QSR to family style. Ever been to Chick-fil-A? They are fast food and they create raving fans! I will show you how you can too!

Inside Module 4, You’ll Discover:

How to use the WOW workbook to design experiences that exceed your guests expectations.

How to eliminate inconsistent service and food from day-to-day and employee-to-employee.

How to further develop talent instead of trying to hire “experienced” and “expensive” cooks, servers and managers who nearly always let you down!


After that we go even deeper into…


Build a Marketing Machine

Now it’s finally time to get to the part you have wanted the whole time…MORE CUSTOMERS!

I could have started with this, but then I would be failing you because if you don’t build the other systems first, more customers will just be more problems.

After you build out your systems for maximizing profits, increase your per person average, and exceeding guest expectations, then you can pour gasoline on the fire.

It’s time to GROW baby using my exact 9-step roadmap for attracting a flood of customers, AUTOMATICALLY!  But the best part is, when you folow the systems up to this part, your marketing will be so much less important and expensive than it is now!

Inside Module 5, You’ll Discover:

How to use the Marketing Machine workbook to map out your proven marketing process.

Fill in your 3-3 Step Marketing Plans that are certain to bring guests through your door.

Identify the ‘Magic Bullets’ that accelerates your marketing efforts.

How to harness the power of reputations and reviews to expand your reach further than you ever imagined.

How to automate all of this so you don’t have to worry about marketing anymore.


With the guts of your SCALE system in place, it’s time Grow…the right way!


Create a Profitable Culture

The TOP restaurant chains in the world truly know how do one thing better than the others… MAKE MONEY!

I know that sounds obvious and maybe even cliché, but it’s very true. The top chains focus on making money, while most independents focus on getting through the day.

Ever notice how some people can just make money at anything they do? We all have somebody in our lives like that…they just know how to make money. Well it’s true, making money is like riding a bike, once you learn you will never forget. However, learning how to make money, well, that is not something they teach you in school. But we will learn how to here in this module.

Inside Module 6, You’ll Discover:

Why your restaurant is NOT as profitable as it should be.

The areas you must focus on daily to increase profits.

Where the potential for growth is in your restaurant.

How decreasing certain expenses by just 3% could have the same impact as increasing sales by over 30%.


With increased profits, it’s time to stop worrying about money and start enjoying more…


Double Your Days

We all have the exact same amount of time in our day. Time is the most scarce resource in the world.

Master your time and you can achieve anything.

That is what highly successful entrepreneurs have learned to do. They just simply get more done than you do in the same amount of time. Instead of putting out fires all day long, they are improving their offerings to the world so more people want to buy their stuff.

Isn’t it time you get more done with your day?!

Inside Module 7, You’ll Discover:

How to literally double what you have been able to get done in the same amount of time.

Why to-do lists don’t work.

How to setup your day in a way that you achieve everything you need to get done.

How to stop responding to everybody else’s demands and putting their needs in front of yours.


It’s time for the final piece to the puzzle…


How to Build the Business of Your Dreams

Systems Create Freedom. Freedom Creates Value. Value Creates SCALE!

That is what this entire process is all about. Create enough systems, processes, and procedures that your business becomes something that others see value in. So much value that they would be willing to pay you top dollar for it.

But if you have a business that runs itself, why would you want to sell it? It’s likely that you would want to grow your business even more with your extra time and resources so it becomes even more valuable.

That is SCALE right there in a nutshell, and that is what I will share with you in this last module.

Inside Module 8, You’ll Discover:

Every single step in your new plan, perfectly laid out for you.

How to map out and define your next 90 days.

Your exact next steps, in every aspect of your business.


Are you ready to take on the world, with your new PLAN?


2 easy monthly payments


One time payment (Save $97)

Hear what Others are Saying about the SCALE System

20% Growth Year or Year 4th Straight Year!

Ryan Gave me my Life Back!

Open a restaurant the Right Way!

Still have More Questions?


If you don’t absolutely LOVE Scale, simply email us (within 30 days) with documentation that you did all the assignments and work and we’ll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

For questions or help with your investment, email us at support@therestaurantboss.com

Now having said all that…

SCALE is definitely NOT for Everyone!

SCALE approaches your business from an ethical, hard work pays off, take care of your team and guests first, then profits second, kind of way. The way it should be done…

SO… it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a magic pill or a “get-rich-quick” scheme for making a fast buck, SCALE is just not for you.

SCALE is designed to show you how to build a sustainable, scalable, saleable, and successful business. In other words – a REAL business.

So, if you’re out for a fast buck keep looking, you’re in the wrong place.

If you are a restaurant owner, operator, manager, employee, or planning to create a hospitality business one day in the future this is for you.

SCALE is about building long-term highly successful hospitality leaders and businesses.

This never happens overnight.

But if you’re willing to do the work that other businesses don’t, persist in building vision even when it tough, and are focused on being a high performer so you can pack your restaurants day in and day out, then stick around we got your back!

This is your time to get the results you desire using proven strategies.

This is your time create the impact in the industry you have dreamed about.

This is your time to create the impact for your family that they deserve.

This is your time and you deserve it!


If you want to grow your restaurant business then this is the course for you…

The Most Profitable Restaurant in Town (video training course)

$97 value

Final Roadmap Review

$397 value

Interview with former CEO of a Billion $ Restaurant Chain

$97 value

Interview with another former CEO of a Billion $ Restaurant Chain

$97 value

How to work with your Spouse, Partners and Friends (interview with my personal business coach)

$97 value

How to use Instagram for your Restaurant (interview with world’s leading Instagram coach)

$97 value

Facebook Advertising Strategy (from my personal FB Ad Guy)

$397 value

Negotiating the best Pricing from your Vendors (video training)

$297 value

Easy Email and Text Messaging Follow Plan (video training)

$297 value

Own the Internet with a 5 Star Reputation (video training)

$397 value

Interview with a client who implement these systems and then opened 3 multi-million dollar locations in 2 years. (video training)

Priceless!  Seriously, how do you put a value on this?! It changed her life in ways you can’t imagine and hearing her story will do the same for you!

Total BONUS Value: $2,270

What SCALE does is illustrate every process from A-Z. From order-guides, to hiring, on-boarding, training, everything. Then that job can be done its own, so you can concentrate on location 2, 3, 4 or take your time off, take your vacation, spend time with your family. Hence the name SCALE.

Jason Udrija

Partner, Pizza Love

Our sales grew 20% with SCALE, but our operations have been simplified too. Employees love it, they see what they need to do and they do it. Retention of employees has increased and so has the quality of our employees. This system makes me that much more excited to open up more locations.

Gianluca Fernicola

Owner, Parsippany’s Best Pizza


100% free with my video course

51 Video Lessons, all led by Ryan Gromfin

$1,997 value

11 Bonus Lessons, with restaurant experts

$2,270 value

72 Page Workbook

$97 value

Your Menu Personally Reviewed by Ryan Gromfin

$397 value

Lifetime Access to Ryan’s “Ask me Anything” Facebook Group

$997 value

Total COURSE and BONUS Value: $5,758

If you want to Grow your Restaurant Business

then this is the course for you…


2 easy monthly payments


One time payment (Save $97)


Either email us at support@therestaurantboss.com or complete the form below.


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