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This is a condensed version of what’s included with SCALE.
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The most complete restaurant-specific training available anywhere in the world, and it’s all online.

8 full length training modules (51 training videos in total)

72 Page workbook

Your Menu Personally Reviewed by Ryan Gromfin

11 Bonus Lessons with restaurant experts

Lifetime access to the Scale “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Group

PLUS: All of your fast acting webinar bonuses!



The most complete restaurant-specific training available anywhere in the world, and it’s all online.

8 full length training modules (51 training videos in total)

72 Page workbook

Your Menu Personally Reviewed by Ryan Gromfin

11 Bonus Lessons with restaurant experts

Lifetime access to the Scale “Ask Me Anything” Facebook Group

PLUS: All of your fast acting webinar bonuses!


This is a brief overview of the modules included in Scale. You can read detailed explanations of each module here but remember, you’ll only get your fast-acting bonuses if you register using the registration link from this page.

MODULE #1 – CASH: Your Fastest Path to Cash

MODULE #2 – CONTROL: Restaurant Financial Mastery

MODULE #3 – LEAD: Manage Systems and Develop People

MODULE #4 – OPERATE: How to Activate Raving Fan Guests

MODULE #5 – ATTRACT: Build a Marketing Machine

MODULE #6 – PROFIT: Create a Profitable Culture

MODULE #7 – FREEDOM: Double Your Days

MODULE #8 – VALUE: How to Build the Business of Your Dreams


The first module was designed to give your restaurant a cash injection. I’ve included a playbook that has over 20 strategies (plus details on exactly how to implement them) that can increase your sales instantly. If you implement any of these strategies you can easily make enough money to pay for your investment in SCALE before the credit card statement arrives!


Valued at over $2200, these bonuses are not random things we just threw together. They were created to compliment the lessons, strategies and techniques that you will learn and implement in Scale.

The Most Profitable Restaurant in Town Video Training Course ($97 value)

Final Roadmap Review ($397 value)

Interview with former CEO of a Billion $ Restaurant Chain ($97 value)

How to work with your Spouse, Partners and Friends: an interview with my personal business coach ($97 value)

How to use Instagram for your Restaurant: an interview with world’s leading Instagram coach ($97 value)

Facebook Advertising Strategy: training from my personal FB Ad Guy ($397 value)

Negotiating the best Pricing from your Vendors Training ($297 value)

Easy Email and Text Messaging Follow Plan Training ($297 value)

Own the Internet with a 5 Star Reputation Training Program ($397 value)

Interview with a client who implement these systems and then opened 3 multi-million dollar locations in 2 years. (Priceless! Seriously, how do you put a value on this?! It changed her life in ways you can’t imagine and hearing her story will do the same for you!)


When you register for SCALE today, you’ll receive these additional bonuses. You’ll have to act fast and don’t forget to register from this page to claim your extra bonuses.

Ghost Kitchen Bootcamp ($97 value) so you can take advantage of the biggest opportunity to hit the restaurant industry in years.

Restaurant Manager Certification ($97 value) for yourself so you can understand the exact training your managers will be taking.

As many Restaurant Manager Certification licenses as you need for your managers ($47 per license value) because SCALE is far too intense for your managers but you need to take them on this journey with you in a way that makes sense for them.

For over 15 years, my husband and I struggled in the restaurant business. After reaching rock bottom, we hired Ryan. He helped us make the difficult decision to close our 2 original concepts and worked with us to create our current concept, Agave & Rye. Within 5 months of opening our 1st location, we were negotiating with an investor. Fast forward 3 years later, and we have now opened our 7th location with plans to open our 8th, 9th, and 10th this summer. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be today without Ryan, his coaching, and his courses.
Yavonne Sarber

Proprietress, Agave & Rye


If you don’t absolutely LOVE Scale, simply email us (within 30 days) with documentation that you did all the assignments and work and we’ll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

For questions or help with your investment, email us at support@therestaurantboss.com




Since working with Ryan I’ve seen tremendous changes in my business. We just passed a big season and we did 60% more in sales over last year without adding any extra labor. In fact, we had a lower labor cost than ever before and all our food was out on time which is huge for us. I just started working with Ryan and if this is my results already, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

Joel Mendlowitz

Hava Java

For the past four years, I have been working tirelessly to make my restaurant a success. Then I came across your free training videos on YouTube. What a stroke of luck that was! With the COVID-19 pandemic closing down restaurants, I decided to take your SCALE training program during the downtime. Ryan, I am now filled with renewed energy to better my business and take it to the next level! With what I have learned in SCALE, I will be able to create proper systems in my restaurant that will help me build the business I have always dreamed of and maybe even scale to several units within few years. Hey, why not?! Thank you, Ryan!

Nyima Lhati

ChezGatsé Restaurant Tibetain - Montréal, Canada

First Year our growth was 10%, next year 20% on top of that, and the year after another 20% more. This year is up another 12%. All thanks to Ryan and the SCALE system.
Alex Alb

Partner, Gabriel's Fountain

Once we started using SCALE, we had operations and procedures in place. Everybody is now accountable for their work, it’s black and white. I was able to take a month off for my wedding and honeymoon, everything ran as usual. That is unheard of in this business.
Darryl Dueltgen

Owner, Pizza Love

Ryan has been a critical part of our success. His systems, his programs, know-how, professional expertise knowing how to successfully designing, growing, building and launching a restaurant – second to none. I highly recommend you get involved. It will be worth everything you invest and the results will be amazing.
Michael Cody

Howdy's Grilled Pizza

Ryan’s knowledge, systems, and know-how is completely unrivaled and his coaching has given my business so much clarity. The money I have spent on an education with him has added immeasurable value to my business. If you are on the fence, don’t be! Jump right now. Because of Ryan, everything, including my employee training, is so systematized now, that I have a professional and highly profitable operation!
Warren Kidd

Owner, Cinder Bar

Working with Ryan was the best decision I have ever made for my restaurant. After 6 years of owning and operating a wine bar and bistro in the Baltimore area, I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. I was making a living and things were fine. Since working with Ryan and implementing his systems, Sales are Up, Expenses are Down and I don’t HOPE anymore. We have budgets in place, marketing plans that we follow and measure, weekly prime costs, my best staff yet thanks to his hiring and training procedures and we are bringing on a manager who will follow my systems, not their own, so I can expand the restaurant to another location.
PJ Strain

Pure Wine Cafe

Ryan pushed me hard to fulfill my dreams. I wouldn’t have the success I have today if I didn’t follow Ryan’s systems. Now I am a better boss and a better businessman.
Dante Ismail

Owner, Pizza One

The impact of Ryan’s coaching was a 50% increase in sales on Monday through Thursday. We found things we could do on the slowest days of the week to help boost sales and went from $500 dinners to $1,200 dinners. But, probably the biggest impact Ryan has had on me is that I am getting to take a paycheck again! I knew if I followed the process and did the things we discussed, there would be money in the bank. I am back to being excited again!
Will Cholewinski

Owner, Chubb Father's

Before taking the Restaurant Manager Certification course, my biggest challenge was getting my leaders to stop falling back to being Team Members. Getting them to actually DO and CHANGE, not just nod their head. After taking the course, I have one more tool in my tool belt on how to better communicate with my teams. I was surprised at how much the messaging in RMC matched with what I’ve been trying to say, but Ryan presented the material in a way that was a little different and more clear. I highly recommend RMC to anybody who is a newer leader or manager and WANTS to get better!
Dan Wood

Owner, Culver's

Restaurant Manager Certification is perfect for anyone who wants to succeed, be a leader, and is sick and tired of running around like a chicken with their head cut off.
Donnie McClanahan

Multi-Unit Manager, Roddy Vending Company, Inc.

Before I took this course, I knew that there was more to learn but I just didn’t know how to get myself or my team there. This course helped answer the questions I was looking to have answered, as well as how to be a more positive leader. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to win and never accepts failure as an option.
Matthew Kay

Owner, Hudson Social

The owner I work for thought it would be a good idea to go through the Restaurant Manager Certification. We are a 3 unit group and I manage the managers. To be honest, it’s a very challenging job and nobody has ever taught me “how to manage.” Working harder and harder was not proving to be effective. Since going through the course and implementing new strategies my store-level managers are far more responsive and they are now using the strategies I am teaching them with their team. The course has proven to be incredibly valuable and effective for me and my team. I highly recommend it.
Hershy Dancziger

Hava Java

Before taking the Restaurant Manager Certification course, my biggest challenge was not micromanaging my coworkers. After taking the course, I realized that I have to set them up for a successful path by having procedures and systems in place. Now we are in the beginning stages of creating systems that ensure we know what needs to be done. As Ryan says, we are going to manage our systems and develop our people. I am really thankful that my GM gave me this opportunity to learn. Not only does RMC help a ton in the role of a manager, but the course also helps you out with actual life skills that make you see the world a little better!
Virginia Garcia

Manager, Order Up Cafe

It’s unbelievable to me how much things have improved since going through the Restaurant Manager Certification. I could not say things were good a month ago. But now, after incorporating new strategies and techniques I learned in the program, our kitchen is putting out better quality food, faster, and we are not having the ordering issues or staffing issues we had just one month ago.
Eddie Hausfeld

Agave & Rye

When I first started using BACON, I hated the idea of entering in all the purchases, sales, labor, etc. Fast forward several months with limited entries, I decided to change my mindset about it. In one of Ryan’s videos in SCALE he asks, “is your restaurant a business or a hobby?” My answer: It’s a business, but a really fun and challenging business.
So, I decided to make time for it daily and turn it into a challenge: Nail the goals and keep a near perfect prime cost. Now I cannot wait until the end of the day so I can see my [Prime Cost] score. It’s like a video game for restaurant nerds.

Brandon Knoepfle

Founder and Owner, Acorn Grill

We started using BACON a few weeks ago and our prime cost was 65%, now it’s 57%. That is an 8% increase in profits. We love this software, there is nothing that is more powerful and this simple
Dan Misuraca

Proud Marine & Owner, Red, White & Que Smokehouse

With BACON I am able to get all my operational data in one place. I can easily see where I am compared to my budget daily so I can take action on it and get ahead of my numbers.
Bill Rinnetti



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